Purrfection, we are not Kitten around. Purrfection lives on the Binance Smart Chain, as a tradable token on Pancake Swap. Built in burn rate, built in automated liquidity, low tax rate.  Why did I create this coin? I’m really excited about the crypto space, and wanted to see under the hood. What better way to learn than to create


Lets give back to the cats together. 


$PURRS is the currency of Purrfection.


PURRS? Too many Dog based coins, and cats are some of the most under served domestic pets. Lets give back to the cats together. I plan to donate up to 10,000 PURRS to cat based shelters across the world. Maybe they will be worth money someday, or at the very least we can bring some good press for these shelters.

333,333,333 PURRS Created

280,000,000 PURRS For the open market

30,000,000 PURRS for donation

23,000,000 PURRS for marketing, operation, and future development, and setups

-5,000,000 PURRS Burned